Language other than English


In Japanese, the students are involved in intercultural language learning. This enables them to actively participate in their learning of Japanese culture and language, but also to also gain an understanding of their language systems and culture. As they do this they are developing an understanding of their own language systems. This strengthens their literacy and cognitive skills through thinking about language systems, analysing, problem solving and making connections in their learning.  

Students will experience Japanese lessons once a week.  The Japanese room has a range of resources from games to authentic Japanese cultural items. The Japanese lessons follow the Australian Curriculum Languages learning area and takes into consideration students’ needs and interests. The interactive whiteboard is used to display videos, pictures and games of Japanese life and to develop grammar structures and vocabulary which are being focused on during the lessons. Students investigate the Japanese culture so that they are able to communicate respectfully and are culturally aware. 

During the school year students have the opportunity to engage in Japanese experiences across the curriculum. These experiences may include participating in a Japanese Cultural Day, having Japanese performers attend the school and participation in the Hiragana competition 

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